Project Title NANOPLATA
Year Start 2008
Year End 2009
Consortium members TECNALIA (CIDEMCO)
Description Study of metallic silver nanoparticles (Ag) as future active ingredients in wood preservative products.
Synthesis of metal NPs of Ag of different sizes.
Adequate functionalization of the NPs in order to achieve a homogeneous dispersion and its “anchoring” in the final formulations for the preservation of wood.
Study of the scaling of the optimal products at an industrial level.
To determine the biological effectiveness of the metallic NPs of Ag against the different xylophagous organisms and to be able to assess the scope of application (classes of use) of the future ones formulated in the sector of the protection of the wood.
Core Technology Atomic Quantum Clusters
Industry of application AM
Call Ministerio de Industria
Funding info Project financed by the FEDER Funds (European Regional Development Fund) through the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain