Metal molecules A new class of sub-nanometer material
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NANOGAP has created an entirely new form of material, metal molecules, M-M, which as catalysts will be integral in the development of new advanced technologies and products, solving the biggest Challenges in society today: Climate change, incurable diseases, water scarcity…
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Our Core Technology

With M-M technology, NANOGAP has created a 3rd dimension to the periodic table creating new materials with size dependent properties.

Metal Molecules are clusters of a few metal atoms, at less than a nanometer in size M-M are smaller than conventional metal nanoparticles.



Metal-Molecules are manufactured by scalable aqueous methods and low-cost raw materials, no “exotic” processing equipment is required.

Cost effectiveness and
Environmental impact

Low cost and abundant Copper and Silver Metal Molecules can be used as alternatives to expensive and scarce Platinum group metals with similar results.

Catalytic properties
and stability

Metal Molecules can be used to prepare inherently stable heterogeneous, homogeneous, thermo-, photo-, and electro- catalysts.

Metal Molecule Catalysts

Nanogap's Metal Molecules

Make new processes possible


by means of:

The reaction pathways

Improve existing processes


by means of:

Lower activation energies

Make energy cleaner


by means of:

Increased selectivity and conversion

Decarbonize industry


by means of:

Highly stable

The new

Our novel thermo, photo and electro
catalysts will transform chemical,
energy and process industries


Cutting edge technology

With 14 patent families, our disruptive technology is at the frontier of knowledge in applied nanotechnology.

Industrial revolution

  • Clean hydrogen from solar photocatalysisis.
  • CO2 valorisation to fuel and chemicals including low temperature water gas shift.
  • New routes to ammonia production.
  • Direct oxidation of propylene to propylene oxide.

A highly qualified team

With 8 PhDs in a team of 26, and a highly prestigious international advisory team, Nanogap has extensive knowledge and experience.

Markets and Applications

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Our solutions


services & capabilities

We work collaboratively with our customers to develop tailored products for specific applications. This model contains provision for both joint and solely developed IP, as well as license rights on commercialization:

custom projects

joint ventures & Spin outs


A revolutionary class of materials based on Metal Molecules. We are working on a wide range of applications in heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, as well as photo and electrochemical catalysis systems.




Introducing NANOGAP’s metal molecules: yes, you read right, we develop metal molecules

METALLIC ELEMENTS WITHOUT METALLIC PROPERTIES You could say that if you don’t know metal molecules, you don’t know Nanogap. They are our patent-protected core technology that promises to bring a new vision to the future of materials. And despite what…

ARJUNA THERAPEUTICS consigue levantar una inversión de 1.2 M€ en menos de 10 días a través de Capital Cell

El pasado 9 de octubre, Arjuna Therapeutics, start-up biotecnológica en el desarrollo de nuevos tratamientos frente a cánceres, ha conseguido levantar una inversión de más de 1.2M€ en menos de 10 días, a través de Capital Cell, plataforma de conexión…

Repsol expands its participation in NANOGAP through a significant capital increase

Repsol has decided to expand its participation in the Galician startup NANOGAP by a significant amount, after its entry into the capital of the company a year ago.
  • Through this capital increase, the energy multinational of Spanish origin demonstrates its confidence in the work, strategy and technology of the Galician startup
  • For NANOGAP, Repsol’s interest in broadening its participation represents a endorsement of its technological commitment, with enormous potential in industries such as sustainable energy, advanced chemistry and new materials.

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