joint venture &
spin outs

When beneficial, we create new companies to fully develop the economic potential of a project.

Our current spin-outs are application specific and create value through advancing in the value-chain. They can be created though a joint venture as in the case of hysun or through the creation of a new company, with its own application specific expert management team as in the case of Arjuna.

Clean energy

Off grid 100% renewable hydrogen

NANOGAP has formed a Joint Venture with Tewer Engineer, combining our unique full-solar- spectrum Metal Molecule photocatalyst technology with Tewer’s expertise in Concentrated Solar Technology, to build hysun, the first company that can produce 100% clean hydrogen, completely off-grid, using 8 times less foot-print than alternative technologies, and at very competitive prices, potentially reaching 1€/Kg for plants producing over 10,000 tons/year hydrogen.

NANOGAP will continue to develop new alternatives and disruptive paths to obtain clean


New therapeutic routes and early diagnostics

Building on NANOGAP’s Metal Molecule technology, completely new paths to treat incurable cancer are being developed through our spin-out Arjuna Therapeutics.

Arjuna’s Therapeutic Molecular Clusters (TMC’s) are a new class of medicine that acts as a catalyst within the cell structure targeting a known Achilles heel for multiple cancer indications.

NANOGAP is also working on a fast and early diagnostic kit for pneumonia which is being developed with a world-class consortium within the Technology Incubator.

With our unique Metal Molecule technology we are helping to solve unmet needs in therapeutic and diagnostic fields.