NANOGAP against water waste: this is how Metal Molecules fight hydric problems

Water purification: a key point Drought and water problems are a growing challenge in today’s society. Access to clean, pathogen-free water is an indispensable means of ensuring people’s survival, so the supply problems that have arisen in recent years due…

Introducing NANOGAP’s metal molecules: yes, you read right, we develop metal molecules

METALLIC ELEMENTS WITHOUT METALLIC PROPERTIES You could say that if you don’t know metal molecules, you don’t know Nanogap. They are our patent-protected core technology that promises to bring a new vision to the future of materials. And despite what…

ARJUNA THERAPEUTICS consigue levantar una inversión de 1.2 M€ en menos de 10 días a través de Capital Cell

El pasado 9 de octubre, Arjuna Therapeutics, start-up biotecnológica en el desarrollo de nuevos tratamientos frente a cánceres, ha conseguido levantar una inversión de más de 1.2M€ en menos de 10 días, a través de Capital Cell, plataforma de conexión…

Repsol expands its participation in NANOGAP through a significant capital increase

Repsol has decided to expand its participation in the Galician startup NANOGAP by a significant amount, after its entry into the capital of the company a year ago.
  • Through this capital increase, the energy multinational of Spanish origin demonstrates its confidence in the work, strategy and technology of the Galician startup
  • For NANOGAP, Repsol’s interest in broadening its participation represents a endorsement of its technological commitment, with enormous potential in industries such as sustainable energy, advanced chemistry and new materials.

BAC-TO-FUEL working on market and business activities

Ignacio Herráez Chamorro, Tech/Commercial at NANOGAP, is carrying on several activities focused on business and market aspects of BAC-TO-FUEL project.

Ignacio Herráez Chamorro, Tech/Commercial at NANOGAP, is carrying on several activities focused on business and market aspects of BAC-TO-FUEL project.

Find out how our innovative silver nanowires fit in your products

Our new production technology allows for new applications previously thought out of reach because of the high cost of traditional silver nanowires

Oct. 10th, 2019

Ignacio Herráez NANOGAP Ignacio Herráez, Techno-Commercial Engineer.

Silver nanowires create transparent conductive coatings or patterns that can be applied to just about any insulating surface, from glass to plastic to paper. How are these insulating materials transformed? Through the creation of a random network of invisible, highly conductive wires that cover just a tiny fraction of the total surface. Inks can be tailored to specific substrates and printing techniques, and the conductivity can be controlled by simply adjusting the amount of silver nanowires deposited.

Silver nanowires