Nano Natural Stone

Project TitleNano Natural Stone
Year Start2012
Year End2014
Consortium membersGAIRESA
DescriptionThe objective of Nano Natural Stone is to carry out an industrial research project that allows obtaining a validation of generic technology capable of incorporating nanotechnological applications novelties on Galician natural stones for various applications, among which includes the improvement of the thermal conductivity of stones and photocatalytic treatments. The stones of greatest importance and tradition in the Galician industry: granite and slate. On these, are intended to apply coatings able to adhere to the stone. These coatings will be loaded with nanoparticles that provide new properties to stone supports. To allow adhesion of coatings loaded with nanoparticles to the stones, are carried out on these superficial treatments of honing and superficial and volumetric treatments using laser technologies. It is therefore intended to investigate new methods to incorporate cutting-edge technology, as it is nanotechnology and laser treatments, to a traditional material such as natural stone that improve its intrinsic properties. For this, an investigation of nanomaterials will be carried out, coatings and treatments of natural stone. The research in nanomaterials will deepen the methodology of preparation of nanomaterials and in the optimization of their morphology. It is looking to get more manufacturing efficient and controlled nanomaterials, specifically nanofibers and Quantum Clusters Atomic (ACQs). In addition, a validation methodology will be developed to verify the validity of the nanomaterials obtained from the developed techniques.
Core TechnologyAtomic Quantum Clusters, Conductive Nanomaterials
Industry of applicationAQCSs+Cond
Funding infoThe project Nano Natural Stone has received funding from the FEDER Innterconecta funds, managed by CDTI