Repsol Bets on NANOGAP

The investment fund of the corporate venturing managed by the energy multinational enters NANOGAP shareholders structure by investing 1.8 million Euro.​

This movement makes possible a positive collaboration that will benefit both parties, their customers, their investors and their shareholders.

Through this operation, NANOGAP incorporates a key partner from a strategic industry, such as sustainable energy.

Updated: 11/01/2019 17:50

For Repsol, the investment will enable new and innovative applications of nanotechnology in the energy sector. Also it is a part of the strategic investment fund of the corporate venturing, endowed with 85 million of euros that the company is investing to accelerate the incorporation of innovative technologies and business models.

NANOGAP has already demonstrated the capabilities of new nanomaterials such as Atomic Quantum Clusters (AQCs) in key processes for the transition of the energy industry towards a cleaner, more sustainable and efficient model. AQCs technology, on which NANOGAP’s developments and products are based, has been originated at the University of Santiago de Compostela, a fact that proves that the research generated at the USC is able to successfully compete in the international markets.

For companies like NANOGAP, being able to count on financial muscle makes it possible for the innovative technologies on which the company is based to reach the markets and compete. In this sense, the support from its investors such as Repsol itself, but also from Caixa Capital Risk, Xesgalicia, Uninvest and Unirisco, is essential for NANOGAP to continue developing materials and technologies that help its customers to be more competitive through innovation.