2012 - 2015

Core Technology

Conductive Nanomaterials

Industry of application

Advanced Materials


Proxectos CIT 2012 (Xunta de Galicia)



In this project NANOGAP developed new nanomaterials that will be incorporated into conductive inks for the manufacture of electrodes in the OrganicPhotovoltaics (OPV) technology, or photovoltaic cells on an organic substrate. This application will be further developed by the French company DisaSolar.

With the development of the project, the following milestones were covered by NANOGAP:

  • Synthesis of Ag nanoparticles with sizes less than 10nm.
  • development of scaling procedures for the synthesis of <10nm nanoparticles in 50 L reactors.
  • Synthesis of Ag nanofibers with maximum lengths of 10 µm
  • Development of scaling procedures for the synthesis of <10 µm nanofibers in 50 L reactors.
  • Preparation of multimodal dispersions of nanoparticles and M-M that serve as a basis for formulations of conductive inks for inkjet printers.

Funding info

This project has been financed by the Xunta de Galicia and the European Commission FEDER (Operative Program FEDER GALICIA 2007-2013), grant number  IN841C2012/4, through the program CIT (Individual and collaborative technology  innovation projects) 2012.

Consortium members

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