2015 - 2015

Core Technology

Atomic Quantum Clusters

Industry of application



CONECTA-PEME-2014 (GAIN-Xunta de Galicia)



The project  has aimed to study the industrial use of a biomolecules detection system based on highly specific luminiscent nanoemitters. The system offers a complete solution for the detection of biomolecules in a specific, interference-free way. To accomplish this goal, a fully functional prototype of the diagnostic kit will be developed to be used in pathology labs, so no additional equipment will be needed. In the final stage, the project will be validated against tumor cell lines available in tissue banks.

The project concluded in 2015, obtaining very positive results, both in the tasks corresponding to NANOGAP and the overall development of the project. Thanks to the project, a diagnostic agent has been developed through the functionalization of M-M derivatives with an organic linker that has allowed validating the technology in a relevant environment.

Funding info

This project has been funded by Xunta de Galicia and the European Union FEDER (Operative Program FEDER GALICIA 2014-2020) through the subprogramme CONECTA PEME-2014, under the grant agreement IN852A 2014/18.

Consortium members

  • GalChimia
  • Softgasa
  • AMSLab