NANOGAP luminescent materials are based on the unique properties of Atomic Quantum Clusters (AQCs).

AQCs based on, for example, silver or gold are so small (< 1 nm) that they do not have any metallic properties. Due to quantum confinement effects, the electronic structure is defined by a band gap (valence band and conduction band) rather than delocalized electrons associated with metallic bonding.

So AQCs are semiconducting materials where electronic transitions within the band gap can give rise to luminescent properties.

In a new patent protected technology, NANOGAP has been able to further manipulate the luminescent properties of AQCs through using surfactant chemistry to lock two AQCs of different sizes in close proximity to each other. In this way the formation of a charge transfer complex between the two different clusters can be induced. This can have the effect of extending the Stokes shift (the difference in wavelength between excitation and emission) up to 600nm.

Opportunities are being pursued in diagnostics.

NGAP CTC-52300 is composed of water-soluble luminescent gold cluster charge transfer complexes (CTC) encapsulated in nanosomes. This novel product displays long lifetime luminescence, no photobleaching and a very large Stokes shift similar to those observed in rare earth materials. These properties, together with a very small particle size, make this product an excellent alternative to traditional organic dyes and toxic quantum dots.
Nanosomes, made of bola hydroxyl and mercapto palmitic acids, are excellent templates for the synthesis of a mixture of two clusters of different sizes, which define the luminescent properties of the final complexes. Acid functional groups on the surface of the nanosomes result in water soluble properties with good colloidal stability making them suitable for use as security markers on a range of different surfaces.The acid capping agents also make it possible to further functionalize with a simple coupling reaction, making these systems attractive as biomarkers for bioapplications.NGAP CTC-52300 can be prepared in a range of gold concentrations from 0.15 g/l to 2.5 g/l.

NGAP CTC-53300 is composed of water-soluble luminescent gold cluster charge transfer complexes (AQC-CTC) encapsulated in nanosomes.

This product family exhibits an exceptional Stokes that can be tuned to the specific application.

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