NANOGAP Silver Nano Particles provide high conductivity, low temperature sintering and long term stability to formulated inks.

- Wet chemistry synthesis
- Consistent product, very stable dispersion, optimized for formulators needs
- Available dispersed in water or ethylene glycol at up to 70 wt% silver
- Used in inkjet inks available in the market
- Thermal or photonic cure
- Resistivity down to approximately 1.5x bulk Ag


NGAP NP Ag-2108 is a mixture of quasi-spherical and rod-like Silver NanoParticles. This product is supplied as stable dispersions in water, glycols and alcohol/glycol blends. Dispersions can be supplied at a range of concentrations up to 65% (wt/wt) Ag. At this high concentration, the product is still liquid and easy to handle.

This grade is a development of NGAP NP Ag-2103 offering the same or slightly improved properties.