NANOGAP currently supplies three silver nanofiber products (see product tabs below): 

NGAP NF Ag-3170 at 70 nm in diameter and 30 microns long  

- NGAP NF Ag-3140 at 40 nm in diameter and 15 microns long

- NGAP NF Ag-3143 at 40 nm in diameter and   3 microns long (developed for inkjet)

These products are used in the formulation of inks to produce transparent conductive films for a variety of applications. NANOGAP silver nanofibers are in full scale production and available in large quantities.

NANOGAP silver nanofibers are available dispersed in polar solvents such as water, isopropanol, and cyclohexanol at concentrations of 2.5wt% silver or higher.

New nanofiber products are under development, including modified surface chemistry to allow for dispersion in nonpolar solvents, ketones, and aldehydes.

Please contact us for further information or to order developmental samples.  

NGAP NF Ag-3170 silver NanoFibers are commercially available. Its typical mean dimensions are 70 nm diameter and 30 microns length. The silver NanoFibers are supplied dispersed at 2.5% (wt/wt) in water, alcohols and glycols
NGAP NF Ag-3170 is available dispersed in the following carrier liquids at 2.5% (wt/wt) silver:
NGAP NF Ag-3170
NGAP NF Ag-3170

NGAP NF Ag-3140 silver NanoFibers have mean dimensions of 40 nm diameter and 15 microns length. The silver NanoFibers are supplied dispersed at >2.5% (wt/wt) in a range of polar solvents (most commonly water, isopropanol, or cyclohexanol).  Developmental samples in nonpolar solvents, aldehydes or ketones are available upon request.  

Applications include transparent conductive films, and conductive / antistatic coatings and adhesives. 



NGAP NF Ag-3143 silver NanoFibers have typical mean dimensions of 40 nm diameter and 3 microns length. The silver NanoFibers are supplied dispersed at up to 20% (wt/wt) in a range of solvents (typically in water, isopropanol, or ethylene glycol).  

Applications include highly  conductive inks for inkjet, and use as in inkjet additive to silver nanoparticles for improving flexibility and conductivity.

silver nanowires


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