NANOGAP is currently developing a revolutionary class of Catalytic Materials based on Atomic Quantum Clusters.

We are working on a wide range of applications in heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, as well as photo and electrochemical catalysis systems.

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Atomic Quantum Clusters (AQCs) as catalysts

AQCs are prepared by industrially scalable wet chemistry methods. With no surfactant or stabilising agents used, AQC can be easily deposited onto typical supports, such as alumina, silica and zirconia used in the catalyst industry. AQC supported catalysts are very stable at temperatures up to 900oC and in the pH range 1-14.

AQCs have been demonstrated to be effective chemical, photo and electro catalysts. As a chemical catalyst, they have been shown to catalyse the oxidation of organo sulfur compounds to sulfate, at room temperature and with only atmospheric oxygen. This patent protected technology has wide applicability in desulfurization of fuels and hydrocarbon feedstocks. Recent results have shown activity for CO oxidation and propene hydrogenation, with many other potential reactions suitable for investigation.

As a photocatalyst, they have been shown to catalyse the formation of hydrogen from water and UV light, and to photocatalyse the oxidation of organic contaminants, with orders of magnitude more efficiency as there is no recombination of holes and electrons. Recent results are showing promise in extending this technology to be effective under visible light.

As an electrocatalyst they have been shown to be effective for oxidation reactions such as alcohol oxidation and hydrogen oxidation reaction (HOR), where the catalytic interaction of hydrogen atoms and clusters has been demonstrated in a very significant fuel cell process, where there are no current efficient catalysts


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