Silver Molecules can be incorporated into coatings to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection at exceptionally low concentration.

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Anti microbial coatings

NGAP AQC Ag-1103  consists of silver molecules of between 5 and 15 atoms in size. The metal molecules are dispersed in an acrylic monomer at a silver concentration of 1 wt%. Metal molecules in this sub-nanometer size range possess powerful antimicrobial properties that far exceed that of silver ions or silver nanoparticles.  This product can be used as an additive to confer antimicrobial properties to polymer coatings. It is nontoxic and colorless, and has significant, long-lasting antimicrobial properties at levels as low as 10 ppm silver in the final coating. 

Ag content (g/liter) → 10

- Cluster size → 5-15 Atoms

- Carrier liquid → acrylic monomer