NANOGAP attends 37th Nitrogen & Syngas Conference

We are back from the 37th CRU Nitrogen and Synthesis Gas Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden! 

For three intense days, we have been completely immersed in an environment of innovation, collaboration and learning that has left us with a wonderful taste in our mouths, filling us with inspiration and determination. 

The event, which took place from 4-6 March, was much more than just a conference: it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with technical professionals from all areas of nitrogen and syngas. From leading producers in the industry, to catalyst suppliers and engineering companies from around the world, we all found ourselves immersed in an environment of exchange of ideas and knowledge that transcended geographical and cultural boundaries. 

This year, the event focused on crucial topics such as energy efficiency and low-emission technologies to produce ammonia, hydrogen and blue and green methane. In addition, various innovations in digital tools for process design, production and plant monitoring, as well as operator training, were presented in various mini sessions. It was exciting to witness how the industry is embracing the latest technology in record time to drive sustainability and improve efficiency at all stages of the value chain. 

NANOGAP would like to thank the organisers for their efforts in making this a unique experience, bringing a great diversity of perspectives and approaches from all the guests. Through strategic discussions and informal conversations, we were able to get an up-to-date view of all the challenges our industry is facing and what the current details are. It was truly inspiring to see firsthand how different industry players are coming together to drive innovation and progress today.

As a sponsor of the event, we are extremely proud to have been part of such an enriching experience for the industry. In short, we have connected with amazing people, discovered innovative ideas and returned home with tremendous inspiration to further advance our commitment to sustainability and excellence in the industry. 

We are looking forward to next year, hoping to repeat this experience and to continue contributing to the growth and development of our industry. Thank you to all who made this event a success and we hope to meet again in the next edition!