The unique properties of Metal Molecules can provide solutions to Life Sciences markets

NANOGAP is applying the unique, tunable properties of Metal Molecules to Life Sciences by developing innovative materials for cancer treatment, antibioticsantimicrobials and medical diagnostics

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NANOGAP Therapeutics

NANOGAP is developing a revolutionary new class of materials based on Metal Molecules that show that show tremendous promise in cancer treatment.

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There are a number of applications where the use of antimicrobial coatings is desirable. This includes medical devices, consumer products, kitchen counter tops and food packaging. NANOGAP has two Metal Molecules products that can be incorporated into coatings to provide an antimicrobial effect . These products are NGAP AQC Ag-1103 and NGAP AQC Ag-1104. Benefits include non-toxic antimicrobial effectiveness at very low concentrations, permanence in thin coating films, and ease of incorporation. Incorporation levels as low as 10ppm provide significant antimicrobial properties, with the effect lasting for years. For further information, to discuss custom product development options, or to discuss out-licensing opportunities, please fill in the form below or contact us.

Luminescent nanomaterials for diagnosticsNANOGAP has a partnership in place with a cutting edge biotech company, to commercially exploit novel luminescent materials that can be used as biomarkers for diagnostic applications.

These materials exhibit large Stokes shifts of 300nm with excitation in the UV and emission in the red region of the visible spectra. These unusual optical characteristics are very different from those of natural fluorophores that are found in biological samples, resulting in easier and more accurate diagnostics.

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