NANOGAP develops and produces silver nanomaterial dispersions, providing ink formulators with simple-to-use products that result in high performance conductive inks.


NANOGAP manufactures high performance silver nanoparticles for inkjet and aerosol jet conductive inks. Printed electronics is a rapidly growing market offering a number of advantages over conventional electronics such as simple low cost fabrication methods based on standard printing techniques, and the ability to print on flexible and large area substrates.
Current market drivers include the desire to print on delicate or irregular substrates, such as in curved smart phones. Also becoming increasingly important is the requirement for low temperature sintering inks to facilitate printing on low cost, flexible substrates. Both these market drivers are resulting in increased use of inkjet processes utilizing nanoparticle-based silver inks. Find out more about our Silver Nano Particles

NANOGAP’s process for production of silver nanofibers is based on a patent protected technology utilizing sub-nanometer metal molecules as a catalyst for growth along the long axis of the nanofiber. This unique technology is being developed further to produce a range of new products all with a robust freedom-to-operate position.
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