NANOGAP in Rotterdam: This is what the World Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Exhibition looked like!

We are back in Santiago after a few intense days in Rotterdam, at the World Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Hydrogen event!  Specifically, Nanogap team travelled to the Netherlands from 13 to 15 May to see how the city became the…

NANOGAP against water waste: this is how Metal Molecules fight hydric problems

Water purification: a key point Drought and water problems are a growing challenge in today’s society. Access to clean, pathogen-free water is an indispensable means of ensuring people’s survival, so the supply problems that have arisen in recent years due…

Introducing NANOGAP’s metal molecules: yes, you read right, we develop metal molecules

METALLIC ELEMENTS WITHOUT METALLIC PROPERTIES You could say that if you don’t know metal molecules, you don’t know Nanogap. They are our patent-protected core technology that promises to bring a new vision to the future of materials. And despite what…

ARJUNA THERAPEUTICS consigue levantar una inversión de 1.2 M€ en menos de 10 días a través de Capital Cell

El pasado 9 de octubre, Arjuna Therapeutics, start-up biotecnológica en el desarrollo de nuevos tratamientos frente a cánceres, ha conseguido levantar una inversión de más de 1.2M€ en menos de 10 días, a través de Capital Cell, plataforma de conexión…

Repsol expands its participation in NANOGAP through a significant capital increase

Repsol has decided to expand its participation in the Galician startup NANOGAP by a significant amount, after its entry into the capital of the company a year ago.
  • Through this capital increase, the energy multinational of Spanish origin demonstrates its confidence in the work, strategy and technology of the Galician startup
  • For NANOGAP, Repsol’s interest in broadening its participation represents a endorsement of its technological commitment, with enormous potential in industries such as sustainable energy, advanced chemistry and new materials.

BAC-TO-FUEL working on market and business activities

Ignacio Herráez Chamorro, Tech/Commercial at NANOGAP, is carrying on several activities focused on business and market aspects of BAC-TO-FUEL project.

Ignacio Herráez Chamorro, Tech/Commercial at NANOGAP, is carrying on several activities focused on business and market aspects of BAC-TO-FUEL project.